Complete list of Skype Commands – Skype Chat Command

Skype Chat Commands List

If you love chatting and a regular Skype chat user then you might already know this. Skype not only has hidden chat emoticons but Skype offers various chat commands to control members in the group chat, secure the chat with a password and do various other administrative tasks. You can use these chat commands in individual chat (with one person) or group chat. If you are a group administrator then these commands can prove to really very useful. You will be surprised to know that there are a hell … [Read more...]

Skype Reviews : Look at all Skype Features

skype voip service

One of the oldest and most widely used VoIP service is Skype. It is probably the most popular VoIP service which offers all the three ways to connect with your loved ones - text messaging, voice calling and video calling as well. It probably does not require any review, however just for the sake of completeness (and for the ones who are unaware) we will review Skype voip service. For your information, Skype is now part of Microsoft only (so you can expect some major up gradation and interesting … [Read more...]