TextNow Online Calling from Computer to any Phone

TextNow is one of the very popular text messaging and calling application in USA and Canada. TextNow has an application for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobiles or you can use TextNow online. So once you have this application installed on your mobile phone, you can make unlimited free calls to any phone in USA or Canada. That’s not all, TextNow offers free credits by watching few seconds (15-30 sec) video advertisements. You can then use free credits to make calls to any phone in the world.

For a more detailed feature list about TextNow application, you should consider reading this article. In short, you can make free calls to USA without doing anything. And you can watch a few videos, earn credits and then use these credits to make free calls to other countries. The credit consumed for each call varies depending upon the country you are calling.

In this article, we will show you how you can actually use TextNow application online from your computer and then make calls straight from your PC to any mobile or landline.

You can even phone calls on your computer as well. How’s that possible – TextNow gives you a free dedicated phone number to you. You select any area code and TextNow will assign you a phone number with that area code.

TextNow Online on Computer – Enable Calling Feature

  1. Login to your account. You currently see only “New Text Message” on the top left

  2. At top right, click your name. Go to settings.

  3. Click Advanced

  4. On the bottom, you see “Calling ALPHA”. Enable the alpha textnow.com calling feature on this browser.

  5. Click lets get started. Please note that you cannot make 911 calls.

  6. You will now see “New Call” tab on top left.

  7. Now click the calling setup (on the same page below calling alpha)

  8. Click done – enable microphone etc..

  9. Now click “New Call” on the top left tab

  10. Enter the phone number and click call.

TextNow – Enable Online Calling Video Tutorial

I found one great video tutorial online which describes clearly how you can enable the calling facility online and make free calls using TextNow. Please go through this video and you should be able to make Pc to Phone calls using TextNow.


  1. Tiffany says

    i cant create textnow account om my computer.. is it necessary to first create it on iphone before getting the text now account???

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