TextNow Online Calling from Computer to any Phone

Free Text Messaging and Calling by TextNow

TextNow is one of the very popular text messaging and calling application in USA and Canada. TextNow has an application for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobiles or you can use TextNow online. So once you have this application installed on your mobile phone, you can make unlimited free calls to any phone in USA or Canada. That's not all, TextNow offers free credits by watching few seconds (15-30 sec) video advertisements. You can then use free credits to make calls to any phone in the world. For … [Read more...]

UppTalk – Great TextNow Alternative offers Free Calling

UppTalk Voip Application

It is the era of smartPhones where everyone is connected to internet all the time. Connecting and communicating with your loved ones is now so very easy. If you are using android or iPhone or any other smartphone, then there are many voip applications available for your phone which allow you to connect with your friends for free. You can find list of these free calling applications for your mobile on this page. However most of these application require that the person you are calling is also … [Read more...]

TextNow Mifi allows using TextNow without Wifi

TextNow Mifi

TextNow is a very popular free texting and calling application available for Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Windows Mobile. It works on internet and allows you to send free text to anyone (even those who are not using textnow) in USA and Canada. This app also offers free calls over internet. That being said, there are plenty of mobile voip applications which allows free sms and calls over internet, so what's the big deal. Most of the time you are connected to your wifi network and don't … [Read more...]

TextNow Wireless – Contract Free Phone with Cheap Plans

TextNow Contract Free Phones

In US when you see those ads flashing very cheap rates for a super awesome mobile phone, it is certain that is a contract mobile with heavy monthly charges. Sometimes you can get a mobile for free, however you will then have to pay as high as $90 per month (for two years) and you cannot change your mobile carrier. I am one of those who is just too afraid to go and get bound with some contract and a fixed carrier. Moreover it does not make sense to pay such heavy mobile charges for data and … [Read more...]

TextNow App Review – Free Texting and Calling

TextNow App for Mobile Phones

It is the decade of mobile phones or rather we should better say "Smartphones", the ones having internet on mobile. The good part is almost everyone now has this smartphone - be it Android, iPhone or Windows Based. With the internet facility on mobile, not only you can use this to surf websites and read news, but you can actually use this internet to communicate with your friends. You can use mobile voip (internet facility on mobile) to send text, pictures and video messages; voice and video … [Read more...]